The Collection by Observador Lifestyle is an online platform devoted to the best of portuguese creativity. It combines editorial content about brands and projects with a curatorship of exceptional products made in Portugal and a selection of unique portuguese hotels and experiences.

This selection reflects the research work carried out over the past few years for the quarterly issues of Observador Lifestyle magazine, which has provided an in-depth knowledge about the best national brands and their stories.

We bet on diversity, quality and originality. We are gathering in one place special all the objects and unique experiences that have both the Observador Lifestyle and The Collection‘s admiration and stamp of approval as well as the desire to share them with our community of readers. The aim through The Collection is to make them easily accessible, through a simple, fast and intuitive on-line shopping experience.

More than an on-line shop, we aim to showcase the some of the well-made things in Portugal.


Things that are well-made in Portugal

We want to show you all the wonderful things being made in Portugal.

For those looking for inspiration that want to discover new objects, accessories and sites.

An ode to Portuguese creativity, the result of Portuguese talent, produced with the highest quality in Portugal.


We believe that behind a good project, there is always a good story.

Our editorial feel that lives within Observador Lifestyle magazine instigates us to always be looking for the best angles to portrait each brand’s stories in The Collection.


One of the main pillars of this project is the concept of curation. We choose the best products and our favorite places in Portugal, putting everything together in a unique collection, making it simpler to decide who wants to buy or visit the best thing in Portugal.


We work in partnership with artists, artisans, designers and hotels to create unique products and unique experiences, in limited editions, with the signature The Collection.


We believe in quality rather than quantity. Buy less, buy better. We care about the origin of things, we like to know for who it was made, what materials and where they come from.

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