What is The Collection?

The Collection by Observador Lifestyle is an online platform dedicated to the best of portuguese creativity, which combines editorial content about brands and projects with a curatorship of exceptional Portuguese products and a selection of unique hotels and experiences.

Who curates the projects, brands and hotels that are part of The Collection?

The curatorship of The Collection is done by the team in charge of the Observador Lifestyle magazine. The research work carried out over the past few years for the quarterly editions of Observador Lifestyle magazine has provided an in-depth knowledge of the best national brands and their stories.

What brands and projects can be a part of The Collection?

The brands we seek meet a few requirements – being Portuguese or made in Portugal given our mission is to disseminate the best of national creativity, quality products and in some way original or innovative – but the essential criteria is the attentive curatorship, which is base philosophy of Observador Lifestyle magazine.

The hotels and places we have selected are part of a list of locations that meet the criteria of quality and taste to which we have also accustomed our readers.

We take very seriously the concept of curation and storytelling, which is our brand image. Each product has a story, and this story will be shared on our website, with the same spirit and editorial commitment that rains over the production of the magazine.

How can my brand be part of The Collection?

If you have a brand that you think fits the criteria of what we’re looking for in The Collection, please email us hello@thecollection.pt with a brief presentation, website and/or other relevant information. If we think it is suitable, we’ll get back to you with the aim to establish a partnership.

Does The Collection holds stocks of any products it sells?

No. The Collection does not hold stock of any products except in the event of some products created exclusively by us or for us. Any stock is held by the brands, enforcing The Collection’s project philosophy that resembles a marketplace with the exception of the selection of brands and products. As such, shipments of product orders will be made by the brands themselves.

If a product appears as “sold out”, can I still order?

When a product is sold out, but there is a chance of it becoming available again, there is an area where you can add your email to be notified when the product becomes available again.

How can I place an order?

Orders are placed through The Collection platform and directly paid on the website.

To do this, simply add the desired products to the cart and check out, filling in the necessary data to place the order (Name, correct address, payment details). This data is used exclusively to process the order and is covered by our Privacy Policy.

When an order is completed, you will receive a confirmation email and when it is shipped, you will receive a new email with shipping information.

Can I change or cancel a purchase?

If you have made a mistake or changed your mind after you have placed an order, it may be changed or cancelled as long as it has not yet been shipped. To request the cancellation of the order, please contact our Customer Support via the email: hello@ thecollection.pt with the subject: “Cancellation or Change of order”.

What payment methods are available in The Collection?

We accept payments Paypal, credit card, ATM or MB Way.

How will I receive my orders?

Each brand will be responsible for shipping its products. If you buy multiple products by different brands in The Collection you will be able to conveniently pay for everything within the same transaction with the safety and confidence that our platform offers. In addition, you can also rely on our customer support to help with any queries or resolve any issues related to a purchase.

Since we do not stock most products, and for the sake of sustainability (avoiding unnecessary transport and shipping), it is preferable for brands to send the products directly to the end customer.

How will shipments be handled?

The shipping process by brands or The Collection may slightly vary in timings, depending on the carrier and sometimes the time of preparation of the order. We work with small brands and suppliers who devote all their best efforts into every product and order but sometimes don’t have large structures behind them. It is part of the process and our philosophy so we ask for your understanding if any shipment takes a little longer than anticipated.

More specific shipping information can be found next to each product.

Can products be shipped to any other location other than Portugal?

Yes. The Collection is bilingual platform, in Portuguese and English, with aim to reach international growth. We are showcasing some of the things that are well made in Portugal and so it would be a shame to keep all these gems just for us.

The shipment destination countries depends, however, on the brands. There are brands that only ship to some EU countries, while others are able to have broader shipping areas. At check out, in the step where you are able to calculate the shipping cost, you can see which countries are available for shipping.

How can I keep up with news and special offers?

By subscribing to our newsletter you’ll be made aware of all the news regarding The Collection. You can also receive first-hand news about limited editions and other special offers.

You may also find us on Instagram (@thecollection.pt)or Facebook.

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